Fabrication Options and Engineering Services

No matter which product you choose, Legrand®/Cablofil offers its customers a wide variety of fabrication options and engineering services. We pride ourselves in providing you with the products you need, built to your exact specifications. To help do so, take advantage of our wide range of ancillary services including:

  • Take-off and estimating assistance
  • Drawing mark-up services
  • Marking special identification numbers on tray labels
  • Special identification labels and warning signs
  • Custom drawing and design services
  • Special packaging and shipment options
  • Staging per customer-defined areas

We are pleased to provide customized cable tray to fit your specific needs. Examples of the types of modifications that can be made include but are not limited to:

  • Factory-installed divider strips
  • Pre-attached connector plates on trays and fittings
  • Holes added to tray components for accessory attachments
  • Completely pre-fabricated systems with pre-cut straight tray sections, customized fittings and supports to suit specific installation requirements

Contact Legrand®/Cablofil at 1-800-658-4641 so that we may discuss your exact job requirements.