Fasteners for Splices

Knurled Bolt: Specially designed for cable tray connectors, the ribbed neck firmly grips the tray side rail to prevent screw rotation while tightening. Bolt can also be tightened with a Phillips screwdriver.

Flanged Hex Nut: "Free spinning" lock-type nut with a serrated face, eliminating the need for a washer. Nuts require a 9/16" wrench. Tighten to approx. 19-25 ft-lbs of torque.

Locking Hex Nut: For use with expansion connectors. Deformed threads cause this nut to lock on to the bolt after just a few turns, allowing movement of the bolt in the expansion slot without possibility of the nut backing off. Typically identified by a rectangular indentation on the side of the nut.

Flat Washer: For use with expansion connectors. Install under the locking hex nut in the expansion slots. Prevents binding in the expansion slot during movement of the tray due to thermal expansion.


Cadmium-plated Steel


Type 316 Stainless Steel

KNURLED BOLT 3/8" - 16 x 3/4" DS-8530-01-CD CD
DS-8926-01-S6 S6
FLANGED HEX NUT 3/8" Dia. DS-8524-01-CD CD
DS-8927-01-S6 S6
LOCKING HEX NUT 3/8" Dia. DS-8575-02-CD CD
DS-8576-01-S6 S6
FLAT WASHER 3/8" Dia. DS-8596-01-CD CD
DS-8600-01-S6 S6